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You Paid The Price, Now Dance!

You Paid The Price, Now Dance!

No matter who you are, you will do whatever it takes to obtain a promise or blessing from God. If it’s worth it, you will endure it. We fight, scratch, claw, crawl and work in a process for our breakthrough; yet once we finally reach our mountaintop moment, there are people that want to hate, not celebrate, our success.

This narrative taken from 2 Samuel 6 records a historic moment in the reign of King David: the return of the Ark to Jerusalem. In order to transport it from Point A to Point B, it cost David a human life, time and vast resources! It should have been a great time of celebration, but there was a naysayer in David’s own home.

This message will encourage you to never stifle your praise in order to appease your haters!
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