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Join hands with me and let's reach the world, one soul at a time...

Ever since I began ministry in 2004, the Lord has placed a burning fire within me to reach the lost with the salvation message. In this day and age, there are many philosophies and ideas that may entertain but do not save. Scripture shows us that there is only one name given to us by which we can be saved, and that is Jesus Christ.


The Body of Christ was designed to work together and function as one. In fact, the very first word of the Great Commission speaks of partnership: "Go." How can they go, unless they are sent? As of this present time, there are invitations from literally all over the world that come to our office each month. I need your help to make that happen.


It is my hope that you will pray about becoming a monthly partner with this ministry. There are no donations too small or too great. Join hands with me as we will shine the light of the pure Gospel to a lost and dying world.


Become a partner!

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In his service,

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